Seeing the Forrester for the Trees

As recently as a year ago, many of my colleagues and friends told me they just didn’t understand what Personal was trying to do. What did it mean to own and control your data? Why was data even important to a person? Why would companies, particularly marketers, ever embrace transparency and empowering individuals with their data when exploiting that data is at the core of their business model?Forrester logo

What a difference a year makes.

Amid the many positive developments and increasing coverage of this issue, such as The Wall Street Journal’s courageous “What They Know” series, comes the excellent new Forrester Research report Personal Identity Management by Fatemeh Khatibloo, which was released this past Friday.

The report is not only a must read for those who want to understand the complex dynamics at play in this space, but it provides an accessible framework that will help companies prepare for the transformational empowerment of individuals that is already underway. Download the report.

You can also read Khatibloo’s blog on the report at



By Shane Green in Power Shift

5 Responses to Seeing the Forrester for the Trees

  1. Shane, thanks to you and Personal for making this Forrester report accessible. The pattern is so well establishing in tech — the shift from the impossible to the inevitable that happens faster than anyone can believe — that it helps to have a major analyst firm give it a firm push.


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